Some relevant topics for The Heretical Herald will include things such as expressing cultural flavour in heraldic designs or display. Others might include working with favourite colours or objects that just are not typically found in heraldry but might seem like they could or should be. There will be discussions and explanations behind some of the rules and rulings in heraldry as practised in the SCA. There will be general basic heraldry articles as well as advanced heraldic topics covered. Some topics seem to come up frequently and are misunderstood and there are many myths passed around about heraldic practices in the SCA and in Heraldry in general and there will be some space given to dealing with these. There are also some topics that bear repeating because of their importance though many have heard them many times. For example, do not use wax crayons to colour in heraldic submission forms. Ideas for more topics will likely come up as the publication grows. Perhaps the scope will grow as well.

Please feel free to suggest future topics for The Heretical Herald. Future issues will be coming out as material warrants and we are willing to revisit topics already covered. For that matter if you wish to write an article or expand on what has been written please write us as well.

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