Welcome to The Heretical Herald, a combination web site and newsletter. Consider it a light hearted educational publication. It would be best to explain what this is all about and what it isn’t. Most importantly this is not a rant against Heralds nor the rules of Heraldry as practised in the SCA or the rest of the World. The Heretical Herald does not look to subvert the rules of Heraldry.

The Heretical Herald does look to promote Heraldry! In fact it looks to promote good solid heraldic design in the spirit of the medieval period for use in the SCA. It also looks to solve problems that may arise and often it will ask the question “Why?” with regards to what might seem arbitrary rules. Hopefully it will find some answers that are satisfactory to many if not all.

The editor, H. Herald, is most familiar with SCA heraldry as it is practised in the Kingdom of An Tir and therefore there will be biases towards the way heraldry is practised here. Kingdom submissions policies differ from Kingdom to Kingdom within the SCA so refer to your local heralds for specifics. Please do so even if you are from the Kingdom of An Tir.

Please note that The Heretical Herald refers to the publication and H. Herald refers to the editor of the publication.

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