Who is The Heretical Herald?

It is not a horrible secret whom the Heretical Herald is. If you ask H. Herald directly you might even be answered. It is just asked that if you do find a need to ask or if you find out in some other way who H. Herald is, that you keep it to yourself. Consider it a quirk, consider it a game, consider it an aspect of persona or honour. Or simply to allow others who enjoy a challenge to seek out the answer on their own. It probably won’t be much of a challenge. Probably running around at events calling out “Herald” and seeing who turns around just won’t cut it.

H. Herald has no intention of doing anything dishonourable by any means and in fact by wishing to remain somewhat anonymous there is a need to be even more scrupulously honourable for it is easy to hide behind a nom-de-plum. So if you need or wish to know who H. Herald is, ask. If you feel it is a challenge to figure out who is behind the curtain, seek. It probably is not that large a challenge.

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