Hark the Heretical Herald V1:2

The Heretical Herald Volume 1 Issue 2 February 22, AS XXXVIII being 2004 AD

Hark the Heretical Herald.


Coat of Arms in Metal

Coat of Arms in Metal (Photo credit: Looking for a Lighthouse)

his is the second issue of the Herald, I hope that you enjoyed the first and find this one equally informative and even more enjoyable. With a little luck and work any teething problems that haven’t been dealt with yet will be soon. Let us know if you see any room for improvement. We might not act on your recommendation, but be assured that we will listen.

If you are wondering why you are seeing the premier issue appearing at the same time as this issue it is because I wanted there to be a slightly larger body of work available when we first made our appearance. Also before the formal announcement of the whole project I had more ideas for articles and such which I did not wish to overburden the first issue with.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this and I hope you find it useful and entertaining.

H. Herald editor

Just a Little Tenné ( Rusty)


Table of the tinctures and furs

Table of the tinctures and furs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have mentioned that a number of the articles in this column come from around 2004 and so you must be aware that some of the regulations used in the Colleges of Heraldry in the SCA may have changed or may now be interpreted differently now than then. I also acknowledge that it has been a number of years since I have been actively been practising heraldry on a daily basis so I am a bit rusty and dusty and out of practice.

I do plan on remedying any deficits in my heraldic knowledge and practice however and will happily listen to any comments — whether I have missed something, something has changed, or if I am even just wrong — please feel free to let me know, but please do so politely. We are here to learn.

Tenné” isn’t exactly “rust” coloured, but I have seen rust that is close to that heraldic tincture. I know there will be an article on the odd heraldic colours we don’t use… and there is one or two on what you might do if you absolutely must make use of them. I mean aside from letting your shield rust (tenné) or having a carpentry accident (sanguine).